Don’t Fall

Please. Don’t fall.

I don’t wanna fall in love again.

Not now.

If you really love me, you should wait.

We should both wait for my heart to learn fully to let go of the past and to trust again.

That trust. It breaks twice. And I want to reserve myself for a better man.

A prince who God will be sending to me.

I don’t know when.

I don’t know who.

But I will just trust God. Trust His perfect timing.


Who is the Devil in Me

Who am I?

Who is this girl looking at me? I am infront of the mirror. And I see this beautiful creature infront of me. Having a red and pouty lips.

She just look normal. But there’s something inside her. There’s someone hidden in those eyes.

There, where she hides all of her sadness. There, where inner self is hiding.

It’s the devil. There’s a devil in her who wants to go out.

We all have dark side. It’s up to us if we allow the devil in us to control us. We cannot kill it alone.

We need the Lord.

We need His love, his salvation.

Let’s seek God. Let’s live like Jesus and kill our devil side.


Another Happy Day for Little Kiddo

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, selfie, closeup and indoor


Just got this selfie after ruining the new build application. I was just playing, I mean conducting a test then shit happens. Haha. Should I be proud of myself?

Being a Quality Assurance Engineer sometimes sucks but there are others that will make yourself happy. And I think this job is just right for me.

I see things, I mean bugs others don’t see. I discover reported bugs on my own investigation.

I may say that I so proud of myself. Haha. 😀


Try Not to Take Picture of My New Table

I do love taking pictures of my stuff. But right now I am trying my best not to take some pictures of my new station here in the office. I do love this spot but it’s kinda warmer that any place in our office.

I was relocated yesterday because there will be two new employee and my boss buy new tables and we need a little rearrangement of our stuff for us to provide enough space for our stations.