Open Letter that will Never be Opened: Still Missing You

I still miss you.

It feels like yesterday when we used to call ourselves lovers. But time passed by and I am left alone. I am still borrowing happiness from tomorrow while the fact is we are both living in the present.

What have you done to me, to make me like this? Or what have I done to myself to come up like this?

I am still crying every night thinking about the old times. And the past is hunting me, those time I wasted time of arguing with you, all the time I have my tantrums.

I miss you. I miss your touch. I miss the way you say my name. I miss being with you and only you.

How I wish I can turn back time, those time that I can say I love you. Those time I can choose to be happy because I am with you.

Now here I am. Alone. And you, you’re with your family. Having new life, new home, new friends and maybe someday new love.


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