If I Won’t Fall

Hi Ex,

I may say that I am still in love with you. But this not is the same feelings when your were with me. I may still thinking about us right now but I am not wishing for our happy ending. Because somehow I am now accepting the fact the ‘thing’ we had was over.

It was almost or I may say more than one year of wonderful experience with you. Being in love really makes people happy. But at the same time, it makes us upset and sad when it’s over.

It is really sucks. And I don’t know if I will be able to fall in love again. I was hurt and been betrayed twice and right now all I wanted is I don’t wanna fall again.

Yes. I  FELL. That is why it really hurts.

And I don’t see anybody who wants to be with me right now. Who wants to be part of me. Because ‘the us’ was over. And people think that I am still in love with you. That you will come back to me and be with me. But that is not true. Because the truth is, we were  over. ‘Were’ and you know why.

Maybe  I will never fell in love the same that I have loved you. But someday, I will love again and that time, I wish I will hold and never give up to that person. I will  love again for the third time and being matured enough to accept each others differences and understand and forgive.

Well that will be two or more years from now. But this time, I wish ‘ I won’t fall’.


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