If you Fall, You Get Up

Life is not always having what you want. But having what you need.

If ever you don’t get it, there is better for you.

Here are some of ideas that will come to your mind if you want to get something but never have it. It sucks. Yes. Sometimes it is really hurt. And some of us may just feel like their world has end. Sometimes, we feel like we fucked up.

It is okay to cry. But after crying, always put a smile on that beautiful face. Remember that life is full of changes. So if you fall today, get up and prepare for yesterday. It is not your mistake to fall. But it’s your mistake if you keep on living on that spot where you fell.

As a reminder to us, there is Someone out there who is willing to help us, always. All we have to do is call Him.

God is always there for us. He never leaves us. He just want us to learn and always trust Him on all our plans. He loves us so much to hurt us. He loves us even sometimes we fail to love ourselves.

If you fall, or feeling lost. Always talk to God. He always listen. 😊


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