Selfie Before Leaving

I still cannot believe that this is day is a day before my last day in the company. It feels like yesterday was my first day. Why do time flies so fast and I still cannot imagine that tomorrow is my last day there. Deep down inside me, I don’t want to go. But I already filed my resignation and the management already approved it.

I don’t wanna leave them. This is what I feel. But maybe I need to move forward. Look for a better job for me.


New Haircut Means?


I just love my new haircut. Some says, girl  cut their hair after breakups. For me, it’s not.

After buying foods for  celebrating my birthday. My mom demands me to have her haircut in the newly opened Salon in Camias near the department store. So after buying foods in the department store, we go to that salon for my mother to have her new hairstyle  and after having arguments in my mind, I just got decided why should I try a new hairstyle.

Before cutting my hair, the hairdresser says “Iparebond na ‘yan”. She is pertaining to my hair, ‘coz it’s a little frizzy that day. Well let me correct that, it is frizzy all the time haha. But I am not a fan of super straight hair girls. I just want to retain my natural hair. Maybe a little bit of  changing color sometimes. I’ll just ask my mom for that after the hair cut.

So that’s it. I have my new hair cut. Lovely and fabulous. No need to rebond. Haha ^_^